Dramione Smut

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“Why are we doing this, Malfoy?” She whispered, her hands going to tangle in the white blonde locks of hair that resided on top of her lover’s head, swallowing heavily. The Malfoy Heir smirked at her in return, chuckling slightly.

“Because we want to.”

Hermione didn’t have time to respond to him; he was much too eager to be inside of her, and she wasn’t willing to protest. Hell, she needed him as much as he did her, though neither of them would admit to it. Hermione exhaled sharply as Draco moved and bucked into her, and her legs spread farther apart of their own free will. A low and throaty moan escaped her throat and she arched her back, meeting his rough and frantic thrusts with her own. Her breasts bounced as he hammered into her, and she tightened her hold on his hair, whimpering slightly.

“Faster, Malfoy, harder,” She managed, and she felt her thighs tremble as her cunt contracted around his stiff length. Oh, Merlin, damn it all to Hell—Draco might’ve been a git, that much was absolutely true; he was rude and conceited and didn’t understand how to handle relationships. But he made her feel wonderful; desired, even. He satisfied her in a way that no one ever had before, and as she crushed her lips against his own and mewled with desire, her hips thrashing against his own, she realized she had already fallen too deep.

Fortunately, the grunting, pale-faced Wizard above her didn’t seem to give a damn, either.

Drabble written by the amazing Danielle!


So, I drew a Dramione. =) Yay!  

used this as a reference: http://th07.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2012/078/8/1/your_bubble_gum_tongue_by_annogueras-d4tbppi.jpg

So, yeah. I changed their expressions a bit…haha

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This is what happens when I’m left alone in the evenings to polish off my last bottles of vodka. I doodle with red pen.

edit: holy shit, look at that arm. I need to work on my anatomy. *cringe*

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“Is there a problem?” Draco crooked an eyebrow at her and her scowling face. He also desperately tried to hide an amused smirk as he did so. Her hair was all over the place, as per usual, and for whatever reason she seemed utterly angry with him. 

“What have you done?” she was nearby growling now, which surprised him. She always seemed to loathe him just a little bit more when he growled and now she was doing it herself. Draco, however, did not loathe her when she growled. He actually thought that it was somewhere in between funny and fascinating. Her question, however, put him slightly off.

When he had awoken that morning, he had felt quite good. His mood was bright and it only seemed to be improving when he opened his eyes and saw the sun shining in through the curtains. For the first time since they got placed in the same quarters in early September, he did not feel like pulling a prank on Granger.

When he didn’t answer her and just looked at her with that non-understanding expression, she drew her wand and poked his chest with it. “The toilet seat was down and my hair products are just the way they are supposed to be. Even my toothpaste is normal! I’ve been up for half and hour and nothing bad has happened” she said, still holding her wand against his chest. He only relaxed back on his bed, looking up at her. “Tell me,” She poked his chest, “what you’ve,” she poked him again, “done!” She poked him a last time.

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist, Granger. I didn’t do anything, nor do I intend to.” He placed his arms behind his head an rested it on them. “I am in a good mood today, Granger. The weather is great and I would advice you to just let go of the thought that I will eventually do something,”

Hermione looked at him, trying to find a sign of lies in his eyes. There was none, though. He was simply laying there, relaxed. Turning from him, still pretty annoyed with him, she stomped out of his room. As she turned back to close the door however, she glanced over at him one last time. He had now closed his eyes. 

She would probably never forget that first day when she saw Draco Malfoy smile wholeheartedly. 

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